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Future Students

Create your adventure in Biology

Thank you for considering the Biology Program at Iowa State University as your destination for life sciences!  As an interdepartmental major, we offer a wide range of educational opportunities in human health (premed/pre-health professions), plant sciences, biodiversity, cell biology, ecology, evolution, genetics, molecular biology, neuroscience, and many more.  Students in our program receive a broad foundation in biological sciences and can tailor their program of study to their specific interests. Become and world-changer and begin your adventure in BIOLOGY.

Human Medicine and Pre-Med  

Provide vital health care to your fellow humans as a medical researcher or as a clinician in dentistry, pharmacy, therapy, and more

Veterinary Medicine and Pre-Vet

Provide health care to other animals whether they live at the farm, at home, or in the wild

Cellular and Molecular

Examine the inner workings of cells including the genetic blueprints that shape all living things

Biodiversity and Evolution

Explore the tree of life from botany to zoology and discover how all life is interrelated


Ecology and Conservation

Protect the environment and learn about the dynamic processes that govern life on planet Earth

Teaching and Education

Inspire others to study the wonderful world of biology and become future leaders in life science

Why Study Biology?

Biology is the study of living organisms and represents a vast field with many specializations and sub-disciplines. Why should you care about biology?

  1. You are a biological organism!  Learning about biology is learning about yourself and your fellow humans.  Biology is fundamental to human medicine and also helps you understand “who am I... and why am I here?”
  2. Biological organisms are everywhere!  Planet Earth is home to incredible biological diversity and you depend entirely upon these neighbors for your existence.  All the food we eat comes from other organisms, as do countless other material products we use every day.
  3. Biology is essential to understanding world issues!  Many of our most essential challenges relate to biology.  To address these challenges we need to understand living organisms and how they affect global systems.  
  4. You could discover something new!  There are many questions yet to be answered in biology, and you could be one of the scientists using new approaches and technologies to illuminate the mysteries of life.
  5. Biology is the top major for students entering into medical school and medical professions.

Careers in Biology

Many students today pursue higher education to prepare for a particular career path.  What can you do with a bachelor of science degree in biology?

Biology is such a broad field, there are many, many options.  A bachelor’s degree will qualify you for working as a lab technician or research assistant in a variety of employment sectors both private and public. Having a background in biology can also be an asset for non-science work in business, communications, legislation, and marketing.  Some career doors in biological sciences open with further education, and an undergraduate degree prepares you for graduate school or professional schools. 

BEST Learning Community


Biology Education Success Teams (BEST) is the learning community for first-year students entering the Biology Program directly from high school. The BEST learning community seeks to help students navigate their first year in the Biology Program and facilitate lasting connections with peers, program faculty, and staff, both in and outside the classroom setting.  Learn more about BEST here.

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