Veterinary Medicine

Veterinarians provide health care services to non-human animals, including companion animals, livestock, wildlife, and zoo animals.  They become skilled in microbiology, pathology, physiology, pharmacology, and surgery.  Many veterinarians are private practitioners, but training as a veterinarian can also lead to careers in animal research, public health, food safety, regulatory medicine, and education.

Becoming a veterinarian requires specialized training and licensure, or completing a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM/VMD).  There are many veterinary schools in the United States, and each has somewhat different admissions requirements.  We recommend students visit the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges website to explore programs and learn more about what is needed to become admitted.  When pursuing a DVM, some programs offer the option to concurrently earn a master of science (DVM/MS), master of public health (DVM/MPH), or Ph.D. (DVM/Ph.D.). 

Biology Specializations - Veterinary Medicine (PDF)

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Opportunities at ISU

Biological Sciences Club (BSC)

The departmental club for Biology majors and anyone else interested in life science, the Biological Sciences Club features regular faculty speakers on a diverse range of life science topics.

Undergraduate Research Experience

Students in the Biology Program can engage in life science research and earn academic credit for the experience.  Students will learn how to seek out these opportunities during orientation and they are also welcome to discuss this with their academic advisor.  

Aquatic Animal Medicine Club

The Aquatic Animal Medicine club aims to promote aquatic animal education to students interested in aquarium and aquaculture focused veterinary medicine. 

Veterinarians Without Borders

Veterinarians Without Borders is a club for anyone who is passionate about animal care or medicine. We conduct service trips in under-served communities worldwide to help improve the quality of life for both the animals and the people that inhabit them.

Pre-Veterinarian Club

Pre-Vet Club (PVC) at ISU is designed to serve as a forum where students interested in the field of veterinary medicine and supported fields gather to learn.