Specializing your Biology degree - Pre-Veterinary Medicine


Pre-Veterinary Medicine - Specializing your Biology Degree at Iowa State

Many students enter into the Biology Program with an interest in veterinary medicine.  Veterinarians provide health care services to non-human animals, including companion animals, livestock, wildlife, and zoo animals.  Vets can become private practitioners, animal researchers, public health specialists, food safety officers, regulatory medicine specialists, educators, and more.  Becoming a veterinarian requires specialized training and licensure, or completing a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM/VMD).  This means additional education beyond geting a Bachelor of Science at the undergraduate level.  There are many veterinary schools in the United States, and each has somewhat different entry requirements.  If you are a biology student interested in becoming a vet, check out our guide below and work with your advisor to come up with a plan for success.  

Biology Specializations - Pre-Veterinary Medicine (PDF)