Academic Success Center (ASC)
The Academic Success Center provides opportunities for students to develop skills that promote success, practice leadership, and become self-directed learners through the delivery of centralized, high-quality academic support services that are responsive to the needs of the campus community. We offer individualized and group-facilitated experiences through course-specific and general academic assistance. All of our programs and services are designed to help you learn how to learn and become an independent, self-directed, and self-regulated learner.
Biology Research Guide - Library Guides at Iowa State University
Need help doing research for a term paper in biology or a similar project? This library guide provides some tips for locating resources.
Biology (BIOL) - Iowa State University Catalog
The official listing of all courses offered by the Biology Program, as per the Iowa State University catalog.
Environmental Science is a sister major to the Biology Program. Students interested in field biology who want a stronger understanding of the abiotic components of environmental systems may want to consider this as a second major alongside Biology.
The schedule of classes site describes which courses are being offered in current and future semesters. It is a helpful tool for students planning their class schedules or desiring to make changes to their schedules.
The goal of AgLS career services is to serve students and alumni of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences through outstanding career counseling, support and encouragement and by providing employment opportunities well-suited to their goals and passions, and to help meet the growing demand for our graduates through strong, mutually beneficial relationships with employers.
The Office of the Registrar hosts the university academic calendar, which contains important deadlines students need to know about.
Information Technology (IT) Services at Iowa State University provides a number of technology-related resources for students. Their Solution Center can help troubleshoot computer and network problems, and Computer Service offers repair for computers and other equipment. Students can also check out media equipment such as laptops, digital cameras, projectors, and microphones.
The Study Abroad Center assists students who are interested in studying outside the United States. They provide information about study abroad programs, have a lending library of travel books, peer advisors to help answer questions, and more. Once a student has identified a study abroad program they are interested in, check with a biology advisor for how classes may transfer into our programs.
Financial Aid
The Office of Student Financial Aid helps students learn about how to finance their education. It includes tools to help students estimate cost of attendance, apply for financial aid (including grants, loans, and scholarships), and addresses questions about the FAFSA. Their Office of Student Financial Success also offers financial advising.
Thielen Student Health Center is a full-service medical clinic that specializes in student health and wellness. They provide a wide variety of services including an allergy clinic, flu vaccinations, illness and injury care, immunizations, pharmacy, prevention services, physical exams, and more.
Student Counseling Services is the primary mental health resource at Iowa State University. They offer confidential support for students dealing with a wide variety of life issues and provide career counseling, couples counseling, crisis services, individual counseling, biofeedback workshops, and more.
The admissions office regularly publishes course equivalency guides for community colleges in Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota. These guides can help students determine how classes taken at these community colleges will transfer to Iowa State University. Contact our biology advisors for more information about how transfer credits will apply to our degree program.
TRANSIT can help you determine how classes taken at another institution (such as a community college) will transfer to Iowa State University. Only courses that have previously been evaluated are included in the TRANSIT system, and always check with your friendly neighborhood biology advisor for more information about how your transfer credits will apply to your degree program.