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Registering for Classes

When do I register for classes?

Class registration for the Fall semester begins mid-March, and class registration for the Spring and Summer semesters begins in mid-October.  You will be assigned a specific registration start date and time, which you can view by logging in to AccessPlus, navigating to your “Student” tab, and selecting “Current Student Information” on the left-hand menu.  

Plan to meet with your advisor to discuss classes at least one week before your registration start date.  During that meeting, you will discuss your degree plan and receive your registration access number (RAN).

How do I prepare for my class registration appointment with my advisor?

The most important thing to do is spend some time thinking about what you hope to accomplish with your degree program.  Your goals will inform what sorts of classes you will take the following semester, as will the requirements of the Biology Program.  It is a good idea to review our degree requirements prior to your registration appointment, as well as run a degree audit in AccessPlus.  Instructions for how to run a degree audit can be found here.  

Once you review degree requirements and run a degree audit, you can begin to plan what classes you would like to take the following semester(s).  To see what classes are available for the following semester, check the schedule of classes; listings will be updated mid-February for Fall registration, and early October for Spring/Summer registration.  You may also wish to make use of the course catalog and the listings of experimental courses.  

When you meet with your advisor, it is helpful if you bring along a copy of your current degree audit, and a registration worksheet.  

How many credits can I take?

Students can take up to 18 credits during the Fall and Spring semesters; full-time enrollment status is 12 credits.  If you would like your credit limit increased for a particular semester, discuss that possibility with your advisor.  

How do I register for classes in AccessPlus?

The Registrar made this helpful video on class registration in AccessPlus that describes and explains the process

I can’t register for classes!  Help!

To register, you first need a registration access number (RAN) from your advisor.  Additionally, certain circumstances may place a hold on your registration.  Log in to AccessPlus, navigate to your “Student” tab, and check the “Current Student Information” section.  Any holds you have will be listed, along with the office to contact to resolve the issue.  

How do I make changes to my schedule?

Before the semester starts, you may make changes to your schedule at any time through AccessPlus.  You may also add/drop classes freely during the first week of the Fall and Spring semesters.  After that, you will need to see your advisor and complete an add/drop slip.  Students have a limited number of drops (4 or 5).  Dropping a course after the first week counts towards this limit.  

More information about add/drop deadlines, including those for summer and part-semester courses, can be found on the academic calendar.  Also check out the schedule change policies in the University Catalog.