Dr. Mohan Gupta

Assistant Professor
Mohan Gupta

Microtubules are cytoskeletal filaments of polymerized tubulin protein that are required for many cellular processes including cell division, cell migration, and nervous system development. A critical feature of microtubules, which enables such diverse activities, is that the assembly and disassembly of individual microtubules can be differentially controlled in both space and time within the same cell. The importance of regulating microtubule dynamics is highlighted by two significant impacts on human health – mutations in tubulin result in human neurological disorders and inhibiting microtubule dynamics is a proven anti-cancer therapy. Our research group is focused on determining the mechanisms that control microtubule dynamics in healthy cells, and using our expertise in tubulin biochemistry to understand how defects in microtubule dynamics cause neurological disease and can be leveraged for improved cancer treatments. We design complimentary experiments in live cells and with purified components by exploiting interdisciplinary approaches including cell biology, biochemistry, genetics, biophysics, and multi-color live cell and single molecule microscopy.

Area of Expertise: 
microtubule dynamics
microtubule function
kinesin motor proteins
B.S., Biochemistry, University of Kansas, 1992
Ph.D., Biochemistry (Molecular Biosciences), University of Kansas, 2001