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portrait of Madi Vetter

Madi Vetter

  • Peer Mentor
Major: Biology
Hometown: Cedar Falls, Iowa
Graduating: Fall 2024

More Information

Career GoalMy current goal is to enroll in medical school, and I am looking into a potential MD/PhD programs. The final destination is a currently unknown, but I am leaning very heavily into neurology.
I chose to become a peer mentor because...When I was a freshman (fall 2020; COVID year), I didn’t get to have a peer mentor. After I learned about the relationships other people had with their mentors, I realized how much it would have helped me, and how much I would have enjoyed it. I want a chance to be the mentor I didn’t get.
Campus InvolvementI have been a tutor with the Academic Success Center for two years now, and I tutor general biology and chemistry courses. I am also currently involved in research in Dr. Sakaguchi’s lab, which focuses on stem cell/tissue engineering and research.  
Students can ask me about...

You can ask me anything! If I don’t know the answer, I would be happy to find someone who does. However, here are some specific things that I have personal experience in:

  • Changing majors/questioning your current major
  • Tutoring (from both tutor and tutee perspectives)
  • Research involvement
  • Roommate conflicts and resolutions