James D Holtz

Coordinator, Undergraduate Student Services, EEOB/GDCB
Jim Holtz

I have been the Coordinator of Undergraduate Student Services for EEOB and GDCB and the programs to which they are affiliated (Biology, Genetics and Environmental Programs) since 2005.  I have advised students in the Biology Program since January 2001and served as the coordinator of the Biology Learning Community, BEST, from 2001 to 2007.  In addition to my administrative duties I continue to advise biology majors in both the AgLS and LAS Colleges, I serve on the CALS Academic Affairs Committee, co-sponsor the Biological Sciences Club, teach Biology 111 - Opportunities in Biology and co-instruct Biology 393 Biodiversity of the Boreal Forest.  I have also been an admiral in the Skunk River Navy since the Fall of 2000.

Prior to my work with the Biology Program, I was in the graduate program in Plant Physiology at ISU, working toward a PhD with an interest in maize root genes.  

I have had many diverse biological experiences, assisting my dad with his plant biology field research in my early years, many field trips, herbarium and greenhouse work,  teaching general biology lectures and labs, botany courses, plant ecology courses and several summer laboratory programs aimed at elementary and secondary biology teachers.

Area of Expertise: 
Plant Biology
B.S., Botany, Northwest Missouri State University, 1991
M.S., Biology (Plant Physiology), Northwest Missouri State University, 1994
+1 515 294 2558 or 515 294 1064
101 Bessey