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Elizabeth Siberz

Elizabeth Siberz

  • BEST Peer Mentor
Hi everyone! My name is Elizabeth, and I am a senior majoring in both biology and anthropology. I grew up in Waukee, Iowa, where I first experienced my passion for biology in my AP Bio course. Once I arrived at Iowa State, I noticed I had a passion for anthropology as well. This is my third and last year as a peer mentor. Initially, I wanted to mentor because I felt I could use my first-year experiences to make others successful. My mentees quickly taught me that there are many more perspectives and routes to take as a student.

In addition to mentoring, I am an undergraduate researcher in Dr. Corinna Most’s lab, where we research the behavioral ecology of a few baboon troops. I also have been fortunate enough to hold leadership positions in a few clubs on campus. My experiences thus far have helped me realize that I would love to be a professor or conduct museum research as a biological anthropologist.

New students can ask me about research and clubs! Working in a research lab is an extremely rewarding experience that I think all students should try. It can also be a little scary at first. I would love to answer any questions you may have about being an undergraduate researcher. Additionally, I am involved with a few clubs on campus, one being the Biological Sciences Club. The BSC is an excellent way for bio majors to get to know each other and the faculty; however, joining any club is a great way to build connections with your peers.