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Dr. Most

Corinna A. Most

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor
I study the development of social behavior and the acquisition of social skills in wild olive baboons in Laikipia, Kenya. In particular, I investigate the effects of maternal behavior and of relationships between infants and individuals other than the mother on infant development. As a behavioral ecologist, I'm also interested in how environmental changes in the area – specifically the spread of an invasive plant species that has become a favorite baboon food - influence patterns of female reproduction, maternal behavior, and infant development. Finally, as a biological anthropologist, I use methods and theories from human development research to draw comparisons between the processes observed in baboons and those present in our own species.

Contact Info

251 Bessey
2200 Osborn Dr.
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  • B.Sc., Human Sciences, University College London, 2009
  • M.A., Biological Anthropology, UC San Diego, 2012
  • Ph.D., Biological Anthropology, UC San Diego, 2018