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  • Topics in Cell Biology (BIOL 428) will be offered again for the Spring 2020 semester!  This course will be co-taught by Dr. Mohan Gupta and Dr. Diane Bassham. 


  • This past summer, the Biology faculty voted on two proposals brought forward by the Biology Program Committee.  The results of these votes mean a few changes in Biology Program degree requirements for students.  

    More Flexibility with Lab/Field Courses for Students

    To meet the degree requirements for Biology at Iowa State, students must complete two advanced biology courses with a laboratory or field component.  The first approved change grants students more flexibility when selecting these lab/field courses.  Previously, Biology majors needed to select these courses from Biology Program offerings only (i.e., those listed as BIOL in the university catalog).  The Biology faculty voted to allow any approved advanced biology course with a laboratory component to satisfy the lab/field requirement.  

  • Dr. Xun Gu will be teaching an undergraduate-level introduction to transcriptome genomics this coming Fall 2019.  For more information about this opportunity, see here.

  • All biology majors must complete ecology (BIOL 312) to complete their Bachelor of Science in the program.  It includes both lecture and laboratory components in a single course.  There are currently two lecture sections (A and B) and twenty lab sections scheduled for Fall 2019.  The following information is to help students select which lecture section they wish to register for.  

    Lecture Section A

    Section A typically has enrollment of 260-300 students and requires students to be individually responsible for all their activities and grades.

  • Dr. Robert Wallace will be offering a BIOL 495 seminar this coming Spring 2019 that explores the tree of life.  The course is intended for upperclass Biology majors and will be limited to 16 students.   Sign-up is required in Bessey Hall 103.

  • This coming Fall, Dr. Xun Gu will be offering a BIOL 495 seminar on topics related to comparative genomics of transcriptomes (gene expressions) at an introductory level.  The course will meet on Thursdays from 5:10 pm to 6:40 pm beginning October 4th and ending November 8th.  If you are interested in signing up for this course, contact Dr. Gu by E-mail.  See the course description page here for more information.  

  • A new seminar course (BIOL 495) taught by Eve Wurtele will be offered in Fall 2018.  This course is designed for students with varied backgrounds to have an opportunity to work together to create a project that advances science or science education in an area the student cares about.  For more information, visit the course description page.

  • A new seminar course (BIOL 495) taught by Steven Howell will be offered in Fall 2018.  The course will discuss the challenges of feeding a growing human population over the next several decades.  For more information, visit the course description page.  

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