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Ecology for Summer 2020

The Biology Program is offering a special, online only substitute for ecology (BIOL 312) for students who were planning to take the course Summer 2020.  This course - BIOL 495 section T1 (Special Topics in Ecology) -  will be taught by Professor Tom Jurik.  Students who have additional questions about the course should contact Dr. Jurik at  

In order to register for this course, follow these special instructions as the course will not be searchable in the AccessPlus registration system:

  • Log in to the Class Registration system in AccessPlus as usual using your Summer/Fall 2020 registration access number (RAN)
  • In the area reading "Add Class" enter the Reference Number 2075900 in the box at lower right, then click the "Add Class" button; if this doesn't work enter the value "3" in the "Variable Credits" area just below where it asks for the Reference Number.