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Dr. Sakaguchi steps up as Director of the Biology Program

After serving as the Biology Program Director for 15 years, Dr. Jim Colbert (EEOB) is stepping down and passing the torch to Dr. Don Sakaguchi (GDCB). 

Don has a long history with our program and has been a professor at Iowa State University for over 30 years.  His research interests include neuroscience, stem cells, and tissue engineering (see his laboratory website for more details). He has been an instructor for several different courses including BIOL 212 (Principles of Biology II), 328 (Molecular and Cellular Biology of Human Diseases), 394 (Study Abroad - Caribbean Marine Biology), 436 (Neurobiology), LAS 103D (Frontiers in the Discipline-Stem Cells and Cellular Engineering), NEURO 556 (Cellular, Molecular and Developmental Neuroscience), 557 (Advanced Neuroscience Techniques) and 661 (Current Topics in Neuroscience).  In addition to overseeing Biology, he will be overseeing the undergraduate Genetics program as well.  

Dr. Sakaguchi can be reached at ( with questions and concerns about the Biology or Genetics programs.