BIOL 495 (section GX)


Departmental Seminars (BIOL 495 section GX) - Transcriptome Genomics: An Undergraduate-level Introduction

Course Scheduled: Fall 2019, beginning September 3rd and ending October 8th, meeting Tuesdays 5:10 pm to 6:40 pm

Credits: 1 credit

Grading: S/F only

Instructor(s): Xun Gu (

In this BIOL 495 section, students will learn about the cutting-edge progress of comparative genomics of transcriptomes (gene expression) at an introductory level.  It will cover topics such as: 

  1. An overview of next generation sequencing (NGS) and RNA-seq
  2. Detecting differentially expressed (DE) genes
  3. Patterns of transcriptome evolution
  4. Case study of brain transcriptome differences between humans and chimpanzees

Students are expected to attend lectures and participate in class discussions.  Enrollment will be limited to 25 students.