BIOL 495 (section EW)


Project Yourself!  Collaborative Research with an Aim: Integrated Informatics


Course Scheduled: Fall 2018; specific times/dates to be announced, dependent on enrollees

Credits: 2

Grading: letter grade

Prerequisites: none; students of any major are welcome and juniors/seniors are preferred

Instructor: Eve Wurtele (

This seminar course is designed for students with varied backgrounds to have an opportunity to work together to create a project that advances science or science education in an area the student cares about.  It is a chance to learn skills of collaboration and multidisciplinary research, to be creative, and to make new friends.  Examples of projects include:

  • Use state-of-the-art bioinformatics software and databases to research the origin and function of a new "orphan" gene in humans
  • Design a computer mini-game based on new software to engage middle schoolers about elephant biology
  • Create an app or multimedia presentation on the history of women in computer science
  • Identify the orphan genes in orangutans
  • Analyze epidemiology statistics for the Zika virus
  • Computationally annotate the genes in the genome of a recently sequenced species

Students of any major are welcome.  Class meetings will discuss a research paper, have a guest speaker, or feature progress reports from students working on their projects.  If you are interested in this course, contact the professor directly to obtain the reference number for the course.