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Advising Resources for Current Students

Biology Major Degree Requirements

University Requirements
List of Approved International Perspective Courses
List of Approved U.S. Diversity Courses
College Requirements
List of Approved GenEds for LAS
Approved GenEds for AgLS: Humanities list, Social Sciences list, Ethics list
Biology Major RequirementsCatalog YearDownloadable PDF
Biology Major Requirementscurrent (2022-2023)Biology Requirements 2022-2023 (PDF)
Advanced Biology Coursescurrent (2022-2023)Advanced Biology Courses 2022-2023 (PDF)

Biology Major Requirements (old catalogs)

Biology Minor Requirements

Biology Minor RequirementsCatalog YearDownloadable PDF
Biology Minorcurrent (2021-2022)Biology Minor Requirements 2021-2022 (PDF)


Degree Planning

Sample 4-year plans
CALS 4-year plan (PDF)
LAS 4-year plan (PDF)

All of these PDFs are fillable forms that you can keep on your computer and revise throughout your degree program.

Degree Planning Worksheets
Degree Planning Worksheet - Semester-by-Semester
Biology Planning Worksheet (AgLS)
Biology Planning Worksheet (LAS)
Customizing your Degree Program
Double Majors and Minors
Specializations - Ecology & Conservation Biology
Specializations - Biodiversity & Evolution
Specializations - Cellular & Molecular Biology
Specializations - Pre-Medical & Human Health
Specializations - Pre-Veterinary Medicine
Becoming a Biology Teacher
Helpful Resources & Commonly Used Forms
How to Run a Degree Audit
Link to Registrar Forms