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Examples of Student Papers from '96,'98, '01,'02 , '03, '04, '05, & 06

Ecological effects of feral camels--Emily Brown

Red-Tailed, Black Cockatoo, Kristen Beyer

Conservation of Endangered Marsupials through Artificial Manipulation of Reproduction, Julie Weaver

Coral Bleaching: Potential Mechanisms and Observed Adaptations, Sean Johnson

Flying Foxes, Stacey Morrow

Modern Aboriginal Issues, Joshua Stilley

Eudyptula minor, Dan Stull

Termites, Marisa Anderson

Biology of Soft Corals, Lisa Haizmann

Mangroves in Australia, Ryan Sheckler

Comparative Digestive Systems:Ruminants to Marsupials, A. Kreuder

Origins of Aboriginal Peoples, T. Jamison

Platypus Envenomation, K. Girup

Sunburn and Cancer, K. Norby

Evolution of Soft Corals, M. Lewis

Marsupial Lactation, N. Scott

Blue-ringed Octopus, R. Moore

Monotreme Reproduction, E. Cromer

Acanthaster population dynamics, A. Maltry
Inland Salt Lakes, R. Dietz
Insect Bourne Diseases, K. Peterson
Bioerosion on Reefs, R. Holl
Koala Digestive Adaptations, N. Forsythe
Animal Adaptations to Dry Environments, E. Schram
Ecological Role of Termites , B. Mommer
Fire Ecology of Eucalyptus, A. Blong

Epiphytes, B. Fatland
Diversity and Distribution of Eucalyptus
Dangerous Animals of the GBR
Mangrove Biology
Threats to Australia's Marsupials
Rabbits and their control in Australia
Jellyfish Venom
Marsupial Reproduction
Desert Adaptations of Animals
Plant Adaptations
Dugong Biology, E. Mollman
Electroreception in Platypus, D. Chipman
Plant Adaptations to light availability, G. Fairchild 
Effects of Europeans on Aboriginal Culture
Australian Aborigenes
Land Rights of Aborigenes
Historical periods in European/Aboriginal interaction


By Lou Lyle, BPMI'96