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Celebrating Charles Darwin's 200th Birthday and
the 150th Anniversary of his On the Origin of Species

There are campus-wide events the entire month of February- PLEASE JOIN US!

Lunch & a Movie

February 11-12
12 noon-1 pm
240 Bessey
Faculty, staff, and students are invited bring their lunches to a screening and discussion of the movie Flock of Dodos: The Evolution-Intelligent Design Circus in two installments,
over the Wednesday and Thursday noon hours.
Seating is limited.
Sponsored By:
Darwin Bicentennial Celebration Committee

Darwin and Me: A Panel Discussion

February 12
7 pm
Cardinal Room, Memorial Union
On Charles Darwin's 200th birthday, our panel will discuss how Darwin's work has affected their religious beliefs. Panel members include Iowa State professors and graduate students from both the sciences and humanities and a variety of faiths. We will then invite the audience to join the discussion with the goal of encouraging mutual understanding between scientists and non-scientists and among people of different faiths. We also hope to challenge the idea that evolution contradicts religion.
Enjoy free birthday cake and primordial punch.

Cosponsored By:
ISU Freethinkers Alliance for Tolerance and Ethics
Interdepartmental Genetics Department
Secular Student Alliance
Committee on Lectures (funded by GSB)

A Conversation with Francisco Ayala 

February 18
12 noon
Sun Room, Memorial Union
Moderated by Bioethics Program Director Clark Wolf

Darwin Bicentennial Celebration Research Display

February 18
7 pm
South Ballroom, Memorial Union

Lecture:   Darwin's Gift to Science and Religion

February 18
8 pm
Sun Room, Memorial Union
Francisco J. Ayala, an evolutionary biologist and geneticist at the University of California, Irvine, was president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and a winner of the National Medal of Science. He is the author or editor of over a dozen books, including, most recently, Darwin’s Gift to Science and Religion and Darwin and Intelligent Design. He was a chief witness in the creationist trials in Arkansas in 1981 that prevented religion from being taught as science in the classroom. His philosophical writings range from the scientific method to the biological foundations of ethics, and he is a former Dominican priest whose defense of the theory of evolution does not rule out belief in God.  
Book signing to follow.
Cosponsored By:
Bioethics Program
Darwin Bicentennial Celebration Committee
EEB Interdepartmental Graduate Program
Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology
Genetics, Development and Cell Biology
Interdepartmental Genetics Graduate Program
Philosophy & Religious Studies
LAS Miller Lecture Fund
National Affairs Series (funded by GSB)
Committee on Lectures (funded by GSB)


February 25
6 pm - 9 pm
Atrium & 1414 Molecular Biology Building

Festivities for students, faculty, staff, and families begin at 6 pm with an hors d'oeuvre reception, games, activities, trivia, and a costume contest.

A special lecture regarding Darwin's life will be presented by Dr. Rob Wallace (EEOB) at 7:30 pm.
A Brief Biography of Charles Robert Darwin:  A Man that "Rocked" the Scientific World
The presentation will review all aspects of Charles Darwin's life (1809-1882), including that of his family, formal and informal education, his colleagues, his famous voyage, and the diverse scientific interests he had throughout his life.   The influences that others' had upon him, as well as how his own experiences and synthetic abilities to lead to his ideas about natural selection, formation of new species, and relationships among organisms will be shown as the major factors that resulted in the widespread acceptance of his ideas and impact in modern biology.

Birthday cake and prizes will follow the lecture.

Sponsored By:
Darwin Bicentennial Celebration Committee