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Since the fall of 2000, Linda has been the Biology Teaching Laboratory Coordinator for Iowa State Univeristy. This is a joint appointment in the departments of EEOB (Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology) and GDCB (Genetics, Development and Cell Biology). Below highlights a few of her responsibilities as lab coordinator.


* Provide instructional material for graduate teaching assistants
* Prepare weekly experiments and labs material for about 1300 students in 30-50 lab sections.
* Supervise lab associate, lab assistants, and graduate teaching assistants
* Serve as instructor for students taking Biology 491U
* Order lab supplies and manage the budget for student labs
Linda M. Westgate * Create and maintain the biology web page for the introductory biology lab courses
Iowa State University * Maintain equipment and EHS/OSHA safety records
139 Bessey Hall *Collaborate with Faculty and author student lab manuals and guides for biology lab
Ames, Iowa 50011